Geothermal Heating Systems

Did you ever think you could heat and cool your home with energy from the earth located underneath your backyard?  Now, you can become energy independent and free yourself from your gas company’s rate hikes – virtually forever.

Geothermal energy is created from the heat retained within the Earth since its original formation and from continuous solar energy absorbed at the surface.  Closed loop geothermal heat pumps circulate a carrier fluid (usually a water/antifreeze mix) through pipes buried in the ground and can store heat and / or cooling energy until it is needed by your home.

Geothermal HVAC system costs have declined considerably over the past several years and offer quick payback to homeowners.  It is simple, effective and relatively maintenance free.  Long term utility costs to heat and cool your home can decrease by 80% or more. A geothermal heating  & cooling system is the one required renewable energy component necessary to move to a net zero energy home, which is a home that generates enough energy to cover all of the homes requirements.

geothermal heating and cooling systems

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Platinum Homes, a Denver Builder, has completed homes ranging from ranch style 2,700sf to 5,700 sf, 2 story homes utilizing state of the art energy saving building science technologies and geothermal ground source heat pump systems. These homes’ long term energy usage and operating costs promise to be a mere fraction of the typical new home built at today’s current building code minimums by other builders. Indoor air quality and interior comfort are pushed to the highest levels.

As an added bonus, the owners of these new generation homes qualify for 30% tax credits on significant parts of its construction. In some cases, additional rebates and incentives to incorporate these systems are available from local utility companies.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are simple and have fewer moving parts to wear out compared to traditional HVAC systems.  They can be readily serviced by any HVAC technician. Advancing technology by many of today’s equipment manufacturers has made these systems extremely reliable and relatively maintenance free.

In general, Platinum Homes, a Denver custom home builder, is recommending geothermal heating and cooling systems to all of its new home customers because of the solid economics and significantly increased indoor comfort.

For additional detailed information on Geothermal systems refer to our renewable energy development partner – Energy Environmental Corporation: